Interview with Damian Conway

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Damian Conway and record an interview about his involvement with Perl and about his new book Perl Best Practices.

I just spent a day listening to Damian about best practices. Originally I thought I would just add his book to my safari bookshelf on but I decided that I’ll be brining a copy of that book home with me. Nearly every time someone questioned his reasons or methods he had an answer that displayed he had obviously given that thought in coming up with these practices and made intelligent decisions. I haven’t listened to the Perlcast yet but I can say the book has to be worth its cover price.

What an excellent interview! Thanks!

I did the same thing last year that you mentioned doing in the interview: skipping out on someone else’s session to see what Damian had to say. The room was already sold out when I registered and when I snuck in it was standing room only. I didn’t nod off at all during any of his talks last year. My copy of Best Practice is in the mail now. Hopefully I can convince me team to use some of his suggestions.