Questions Suggestions for Bio-Perl

Sometime soon I’m going to get to speak with some of the core developers of BioPerl. I’m not exactly who all will be there, so I can’t give any specific names now, but hopefully I can get at least a couple of people off of the core contributors list on the phone together. So, once again, it’s your turn. Email or post your questions here.

BioPerl is an enormous, and has a huge amount of different things in it. For a long time it was released at quite a pace, but if you look at the release dates, releases have slowed and slowed until now there hasn’t been a release since December 2003.

I can’t imagine for anything that large that that would be because it’s “done”. Is this delay because of entropy of scalability issues in bioperl, or is it because of some enormous refactoring we don’t know about?

similar or related, are you planning to break up bioperl? I understand how advantagous it could be to have a single big package to install, but has it caused more pain that it was worth?

Are there any plans for integrating Bioperl with Perl6? I know the release of Perl6 is still a bit off, but there are several major changes in the language, esp. with objects, regexes, etc. Bioperl is such a large package, so I would think it is a massive undertaking.