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Perlcast talked with brian d foy about the latest issue of The Perl Reivew.

Perlcast 15

Finally, Perlcast 15 was released last night. Between attending YAPC::NA last week, preparing to move, visiting sick, newborn, and long-gone relatives, and the 4th of July holiday, time has not been on my side… Still, this weeks Perlcast seems to be a good one. Along with the normal Perl news, there is also an interview with José Castro (cog) about the upcoming YAPC::EU and a talk by Dave Rolsky about DateTime.

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Perlcast 14

Perlcast 14 is now available. This week features an interview with Mark Jason Dominus, the author of Higher-Order Perl.

Be sure to vote on contest 2 entries. The taglines are in the sidebar.

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Perlcast 13

Perlcast 13 is out. This is a short one, pretty much just covering the news and one Phalanx module.


Phalanx Module

The artist this week was once again Enter the Haggis with Another Round.

Perlcast 12

Perlcast 12 has been released. This is an exciting episode! There is an interview with David Wheeler of Bricolage. There is a module talk by Kees Cook. And finally, there is the first of our contests for copies of Advanced Perl Programming, Second Edition.


This weeks interview with David Wheeler, the president of Kineticode and lead developer of Bricolage project. Quite a few linkable items were mentioned in the interview… the one that I’m putting here is for Krang, the CMS system that David said was similar to Bricolage.

Kees Cook was kind enough to provide a talk about Device-SerialPort, which he is currently maintaining.

Lest we not forget that you shouldn’t use Crypt-DES, but should instead turn to Crypt-Rijndael. You have be warned.

The first O’Reilly give-away starts today… the broken code for the contest should be posted shortly.
The artist this week as the Lemmings with their track More.

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