Matt Trout on DBIx::Class

Jonathan Rockway and I talked with Matt Trout about DBIx::Class and the Perl ORM landscape.

Interview with Curtis “Ovid” Poe on Perl Testing

After a very long break, Perlcast is back in action. I have quite a few podcasts in the queue, most from the Nordic Perl Workshop 2007. Let’s get the first NPW interview out the door with this one with Curtis “Ovid” Poe concerning his work with Perl testing and TAP::Parser.

You can find more information about TAP::Parser at Test Anything and you can also sign up for the mailing list.

Jeffrey Thalhammer on Perl Critic

Perlcast is back with an interview with Jeffrey Thalhammer, the creator and maintainer of Perl Critic, a static source code analyzer for Perl written in Perl. In the interview Jeffrey talks about what Perl Critic is, why he created it, and where he sees the system going.

Tim Bunce on DBI

Welcome back to Perlcast! We have a great round of shows lined up for the new year starting with none other than Tim Bunce talking about the future of the Perl DBI. Based on the interview, it looks like we’ll need to take the word ‘Perl’ out from in front of DBI because it looks like Tim has big plans for the future of the distribution.

Jerrad Pierce on the Perl Advent Calendar

Jerrad Pierce pointed out the Perl Advent Calendar to me today, so I called him up to talk a little about what the calendar is and what we can expect. The first item is already up for everyone to enjoy. Also, don’t miss out on the Catalyst Advent Calendar over at

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